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What to Expect When You Choose Honeycomb Midwives

No Cost
All of the services that midwives provide are fully covered by Alberta Health Services.

Our Care
Midwives take a limited number of women into care each month to enable us to have the time that we need with our clients to develop a trusting relationship, to answer questions during prenatal visits, postpartum and home visits and to allow for the time we need to care for you during labour and birth. We are available to you by phone 24hrs a day during your pregnancy.

At Honeycomb, we work in a team of two midwives. We have found that when working on larger teams we were unable to see our clients frequently enough to get to know them well before birth.

Initial Visit
The first visit is usually between 9 and 12 weeks and is 30 min long. During this visit you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about midwifery care. Your midwife will assess your medical history to ensure you are eligible for midwifery care. Please continue seeing your physician until you have had your initial visit and have been officially accepted into care. Any necessary blood work and/or ultrasounds will be ordered as needed.

Subsequent Visits
Each prenatal visit is 30 minutes and during that time we will be evaluating your baby's heart beat and growth. We also discuss nutrition, physical and emotional changes in pregnancy. There is also plenty of time for questions.

Labour and Birth
Your midwife will be with you during your labour and birth and for the first few hours after your birth. Midwives support your choice about where to birth - whether you choose home, hospital or birth centre. Your midwife will recommend that you have your baby in the hospital if you develop a complication in your pregnancy or birth.

Home Visits
Your midwife will see you at home 3 times in the first week to ensure that mom and baby are well and to provide one on one breastfeeding support.

Postpartum Visits
You and your baby will see your midwives in the clinic 2-3 more times before being discharged to your family doctor at 6 weeks post birth.